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Access Control Filtering Software:
Identifying the Problem for Corporate Filtering Software

Every day, many businesses are confronted with threats to productivity, from wasted employees time to impaired network performance: Internet-borne threats like viruses, spyware, inappropriate content and scams. Access control filtering software tried to mitigate these risks by controlling what sites can be accessed. Internet threats are introduced through Internet access, so access control filtering software offsets those risks by blocking “fringe” (or objectionable) sites.

iPrism 10h iPrism 15h Web Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 175 workstations
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iPrism 20h iPrism 25h Web Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 500 workstations
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iPrism 30h iPrism 35h Web Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 1,000 workstations
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iPrism 50h iPrism 55h Web Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 2,500 workstations
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iPrism 100h iPrism 105h Web Filter
Ideal for large enterprise organizations with up to 10,000 workstations
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Filtering on the Internet and libraries, schools, businesses, and ISPs presents a unique challenge for access control filtering software to provide accurate filters which allow the right level of permissions. Corpoate Filtering software is just difficult to implement effectively. But does it have to be installed on every machine or does it require a dedicated server? Can users disable the access control filtering software? Does the access control filtering software accurately identify content or is it over or under blocking? Is there any way to determine how people are using the Internet?

iPrism Accuracy: Filtering on the Internet and Libraries with Control
iPrism is a complete corporate filtering software solution, meeting the diverse needs of different users for filtering on the Internet and libraries to SMBs to daycares. iPrism uses access control filtering software with a dedicated filtering appliance, for an admin-friendly and effective filtering that monitors every packet of traffic that passes over a network, before it hits your servers. iPrism unites the most effective forms of access control filtering software, from blacklisting to keyword scanning to create the iGuard database for filtering on the Internet and libraries of databases of URLs so that filtering is configured precisely:
  • Category-based URL corporate filtering software with an industry-leading database, iGuard, which is 100% fully human-reviewed for superior accuracy.
  • User profiles for filtering on the Internet and libraries, which allow for time-based access to different categories for different users.
  • Reporting and real-time monitoring to track users, popular sites, and bandwidth usage.
  • Simple network integration with cross-platform support through a dedicated filtering appliance which works with your network as a transparent bridge.
  • Kernel-level filtering software for accurate monitoring and blocking of multiple Internet protocols, twice as fast as other access control filtering software.
  • Low maintenance acess control filtering software with centralized configuration, automatic updates, and easy-to-use web interface.

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